This is the story of two sisters who turned adversity into opportunity and turned that opportunity into a calling. Joan Frank was running a successful public relations agency in Michigan. Patty Freud was designing fine jewelry in New York City. Life was the proverbial balancing act for both women as they juggled their careers and families, but it was humming along. Until it wasn't.

In 2008, everything changed. Their mother was diagnosed with colon cancer (happily now in full remission). Within a few months, Joan was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Now cancer free, Joan is grateful "beyond words. Along with my mother's cancer, my diagnosis instantly put life into perspective," she observes. Her experience launched her on a spiritual journey of healing, serenity and finding the joy in each moment.

In thinking about the incredible support she had received during her treatment and recovery, Joan was motivated to reach out to others whose lives had been touched by cancer. She volunteered with cancer support groups, but wanted to do more."

"Patty was designing this exquisite jewelry. I wanted to help those coping with cancer. Why not create a jewelry line designed around the healing, empowering concepts that had become so important to me?" Patty was on board in an instant, delighted at the idea of her designs having a higher purpose. And that's how Melu was born.

The company's name, Melu, (pronounced mee-loo), meaning big heart and generous spirit, is derived from the word Maitreya, a name for the big, fat, happy Buddha. The sisters describe the collection as both elegant and edgy, based on healing principles, ancient symbols and positive energy but also beautiful on its own. Every Melu design is an original, inspired by the meaning and the materials, from the powers of the crystals to the colors of the chakra centers. A portion of all sales are donated to cancer support organizations. 

Artful, soulful, meaningful jewelry. Elegant and sophisticated. 

Created with feeling, spirituality and a desire to give back.

These are the designs of Melu.

A portion of all Melu sales will be donated to charities that support cancer patients and survivors.